• Ou Ming
  • Saturday, December 16, 2006


    I never like to say what a play of mine means, or what it's about. I certainly don't write plays to make this or that point. I began Caroline guided by a sense of loss, both personal and political. If you spend time in the company of loss, in its dark woods, it may lead you to interesting places. I was brought to read about and remember a time when the political life of the American republic seemed charged with possibility, nuance, complexity, electric contradiction and the dawning of a politics of difference, a new kind of democratic pluralism. The courageous people of the African-American civil rights movement desired and fought for freedom and justice with such ardor that those mighty abstractions, impossibly remote yet essential to life, became immanent, grapsable, present in the world. Caroline is, in part, an homage to that hopeful time.

    Caroline or Change on National up to Jan 4th.


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