• Ou Ming
  • Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    She looks more than capable of getting whatever she wants

    going wherever she wants, doing whatever she wants, having whoever she wants....
    Toy goddess

    'Tis rather dog-in-the-mangerish of Mattel to object to feminists playing with their Barbie ("Seal of disapproval," Books, 3/2 [αναφέρεται στη μήνυση που έκανε η Mattel σε ένα μικρό φεμινιστικό εδοτικό οίκο γιατι χρησιμοποίησε την εικόνα της Barbie, για το βιβλίο του Adios Barbie] ). I mean, they should allow everybody to play with Barbie in their own way (including in print). After all, that's what toys are for! But I think that Barbie-playing pre-adolescent girls still have it over Barbie-playing feminists. I contrast my golden 'Barbie on a Stick' (she's crucified on a cross of narcissism!), done by a feminist and sold to me at a Fremont street fair, with some really nicely outrageous butch-punk Barbies that I saw done by a smart little pre-adolescent girl.
    Barbie's like a Marvel Comics Super-Heroine, but ruling an entirely different domain in an entirely different way. She looks more than capable of getting whatever she wants, going wherever she wants, doing whatever she wants, having whoever she wants (like Zeus), in an absolute orgy of female pre-adolescent wish-fulfillment. A toy goddess, in other words; uniquely American, continuingly contemporary (can you appreciate the irony that a toy company is responsible for her perpetration and well-being—and that they are driven by sales and profit on this—thus pandering much, much, much more to the tastes of pre-adolescent girls than any religious establishment ever would? Delicious!). And so, I feel that the feminists are justifiably outraged if Barbie's influence extends beyond that of a mere toy. No red-blooded American woman wants to have the ideals of any goddess permanently imposed (imprinted?) on her; be it Barbie, Vogue models, The Shesus, Virgin Mary, Kali/Durga, The Plain Woman, etc. And I can't blame them for having those feelings. Us men have had to stagger under the idealistic load of Jesus, YHWH, Allah, Confucious, Buddha, and all of those other male gods for centuries now; and the burden is considerable (and just as narcissistic in its own way).
    το παραπάνω μου το έστειλε η Sage που στην ηλικία της θα έπρεπε να ξέρει ότι μία είναι η Toy Goddess: η Bi Bi Bo γιατί α. she has real curves και β. έχει τη μόνη ανεκτή απόχρωση ξανθού (trashy blonde)! :-P


    Anonymous sage said...

    Mikrh moy, h fwto einai teleia!!
    Pou thn ksetrypwses...
    Poly thn diaskedasa thn collaboration... polla filia kai na xaireste ton diadoxo, hehehe

    May 03, 2006 9:01 pm  
    Anonymous sage said...

    ksexasa na sou pw oti twra eisai h agaphmenh mou theitsa...!
    (a promise is a promise)

    May 03, 2006 9:20 pm  

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