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  • Saturday, April 07, 2007

    somewhere over the rainbow

    over the rainbow

    Crucifixion makes God sound like a psychopath[1]
    according to Jeffrey John - remember him?

    In other news (sic), the Labour Party launches its own youtube video channel, called Labourvision, which proves to be more boring than it actually sounds - almost as boring as David Cameron's website, to which LabourVision is actually a belated response.

    The opposition leader's mind-numbing website is called Webcameron (no comment), even spoof videos taking the piss out of him are as boring as hell, or paradise more like it, I just wish mainstream politicians kept away from the web, their omnipresence in traditional media is bad enough...

    [1] one can link to telegraph, but one must not read it, or even worse buy it!

    ναι, αυτή η μαγειρίτσα κάπως μας έκατσε...


    Anonymous The Passenger said...

    Ha! Take a look at the Old Testament, now that's psychopathic!

    April 08, 2007 5:16 pm  

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