• Ou Ming
  • Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Salonica in fuji and pixels


    Στην τελική ευθεία πριν παραδώσουμε το χειρόγραφο στους εκδότες, με χαρτομάνι να κατακλύζει το γραφείο μου από όλες τις μπάντες και το κεφάλι μου γεμάτο με υποσημειώσεις, surreal e-mail σαν και αυτό από τον Καναδό -άγνωστο σε μένα- external reader μου φτιάχνει τη διάθεση:

    Hi M:
    I ate way too much turkey. On Sunday my friend, who is a very good cook, made turkey taquitos. I did not know that there were Mexicans amongst the Pilgrims.
    I've successfully downloaded and printed all the material.


    Tuesday, November 20, 2007


    Salonicco, Selanik, Солун? Salonicha or Salonique? There are at least thirteen medieval variants alone; the city is an indexer's nightmare and a linguist's delight. 'Is there really a correct pronunciation of Salonika?' wrote an English ex-serviceman in 1941. 'At any rate nearly all of us now spell it with a "k".' His presumption stirred up a hornet's nest. 'Why Saloneeka, when every man in the last war knew it as Salonika?' responded a certain Mr Pole from Totteridge. 'I disagree with W. Pole', wrote Captain Vance from Edgware, Middlesex. 'Every man in the last war did not know it as Salonika'. Mr Wilks of Newbury tried to calm matters by helpfully pointing out that in 1937 'by Greek royal decree, Salonica reverted to Thessaloniki'. In fact it had been officially known by the Greek form since the Ottomans were defeated in 1912.

    Mazower, p.16

    here I come


    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    poke 1.0

    one day I get an invitation by a colleague for a facebook conference (?) at King's College. The following, I read about its little tongue-in-cheek sibling, hatebook.org

    care to join?

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    inner monologue endangered

    with Britain home to four million blogs, the inner monologue is in peril, argues M. Hyde.

    I seemingly stopped writing a few weeks ago - in reality much longer than that. Is this why my inner rambling has swelled up and become suffocating? I would like it to be extinct.


    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    folking with our minds